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NCHA Show Approvals - Users of Faster Cut / Equinal

Starting October 16, 2023, NCHA is changing the show application submission process.

  • Show applications from Faster Cut Users MUST be submitted through the system.  To do that - create the show application and when ready, click the submit button at the bottom of the application (located next to the save & print button).

  • Show applications from Equinal Users MUST be submitted via the PDF generated through the system.  To do that - create the show and enter all classes.  Then, open the show screen (Shows --> Double Click on the Show name / date from the list). Click on the "NCHA App" button at the bottom of the screen which will generate the PDF that you then email to NCHA for approval.


Q: Why is NCHA requiring electronic submission?
A: HUB now has the ability to import applications electronically – which was always the plan.  Electronic import not only saves time (for secretaries and NCHA staff) but also helps to minimize edits because HUB is importing EXACTLY what the secretaries send!

Q: I still want to send in paper, is that ok?
A: No – if you are a Faster Cut user, paper / pdf / email submissions will no longer be accepted.  NCHA staff will not process applications in those formats from Faster Cut users.  Equinal users must submit the program generated PDF file.

Q: I usually fill out 1 show application on paper and write all my dates on that paper.  Can’t I still do that?
A: No – each show will need to be set up in your program and then submitted electronically.

Q: I normally wait until a week before my show to create the application / set it up.  Why do I have to do it so early?
A: Think of it as getting the detail work done and out of the way early.  You aren’t doing any more work than before – in fact, you are probably going to end up doing less – since your application submission is now easier than ever.   Besides, setting up the application / show in advance allows you to spend less time worrying about an upcoming show.

Q: I usually make a bunch of changes because my show information changes (cattle fees, office fees, etc.).  Won’t this mean I have to change things twice?
A: No – in fact, if you submitted a PDF the old way, you’d still have to make changes.  And you will still get the edit sheets to make updates.


2024 Show Application - Championship / Weekend Show - Fillable PDF
2024 Show Application - Challenger Show Fillable PDF
2024 Show Application - Limited Age Event (LAE) Fillable PDF

Show Results Form - Championship / Weekend Shows - PDF
Show Results Form - Circuit Shows - PDF
Fee Submission Form - National Circuit Show - PDF

Membership Application Forms

2024 Membership Application - PDF
2024 Non-Pro/Amateur Application - PDF

Family Registration Form (Family Horses) - PDF

At Show Resources

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Horse Earnings
Rider Earnings/Eligibility
Top 100 Earners from 2023-2022 by Division - PDF
2024 Judge's Score Card - PDF
Challenge System for Monitored LAE Events - PDF
Process for Videotaping / Recording NCHA Shows
Medication Policy

Additional Information

2024 Early-Season Secretary / Producer Reminders (March 31, 2024) - PDF
2024 Rule Changes (January 2024) - PDF
2024 Senior World Tour (SWT) Rules - PDF

2024 Circuit Program Rules and Changes - PDF
2024 NCHA Weekend Policies and Procedures - PDF
2024 Circuit Championship Rules
2024 Circuit Show Request for Proposal - Fillable PDF

Certified Secretary List

Approved Videographer List
Approved Judge List / Find a Judge
Application to become a Certified Secretary - PDF
Process / Application to become a certified NCHA Videographer

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