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2024 Weekend Eligibility

Changes to the 2024 Weekend Rider Eligibility Limits

2024 Weekend / Championship show will see a new definition of what earnings are included when determining Weekend / Championship class Eligibility.  The information below spells out the new calculation methodology.

Classes with RIDER earnings Limits :

  1. $50,000 Amateur
  2. $35,000 Non-Pro
  3. $15,000 Amateur
  4. $2,000 Limit Rider


  1. All Classes: INCLUDES - All monies won in ALL CUTTING HORSE ASSOCIATIONS (burden of proof is on the rider when entering classes with limited to confirm they are eligible for that class)
  2. *$50 and $15 AMATEUR Classes - INCLUDES - AMATEUR classes prior to December 1, 1995
  3. All Classes: INCLUDES - All monies won in any / all APPROVED NCHA classes after December 1, 1995
  4. All Classes: INCLUDES - All monies won in ALL classes beginning with the 2004 point year
  5. EXCLUDES - All monies won in Senior Limited Age Event classes
  6. EXCLUDES - All monies won in the Eastern or Western National Championships
  7. EXCLUDES - All monies won during the COVID moratorium
  8. EXCLUDES - All monies won in Breed Registry World Show cutting earnings
  9. EXCLUDES - All monies won in Circuit Finals that were won in the working or non-working finals


    Limited Age Event Amateur earnings calculations do not change. 

    Non-Leveled Unlimited Amateur / $50,000 Amateur - Please reference NCHA Rule Book - Standing Rule 51.a.5
    Leveled Top Tier Amateur / Intermediate Amateur / Limited Amateur - Please reference the Leveling Rules.

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