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In as much as certain individuals have exhibited through an exceptional talent the ability to bring forth with great and consistent success the inherent cow sense and athletic competitiveness of the cutting horses they have ridden while participating in contests approved or sponsored by the National Cutting Horse Association, it is hereby agreed that an NCHA Riders Hall of Fame be created and perpetuated to honor these outstanding individuals. Each person so honored has excelled as a cutting horse rider in competition open to all who challenged in the established qualified categories.


Clint Allen2007
Scott Amos2020
Charlie Ashcraft2015
Leroy Ashcraft1989
Ascencion Banuelos2000
Cookie Banuelos2020
Keith Barnett1989
Tracy Barton2004
Jeremy Barwick2008
Eugene (Dell) Bell2022
Gary Bellenfant1992
Milt Bennett2015
Tate Bennett2020
Todd Bimat2000
Dirk Blakesley2011
Sandy Bonelli1998
Gayle Borland2006
Pete Branch1994
Eddie Braxton2008
Cara Brewer2019
Matt Budge2012
Monty Buntin2019
Lindy Burch1994
Jon Burgess2021
Bob Burton2006
Stanley Bush1989
Jimmy Bush2006
Jim Calhoun2015
Rusty Carroll2005
John Carter1989
Roy Carter2000
Cullen Chartier2021
R. L. Chartier2013
Randy Chartier2015
Jason Clark2008
Andrew Coates2018
Michael Cooper2012
David Costello2009
Lloyd Cox2000
Morgan Cromer2013
Allen Crouch2007
Casey Crouch2018
Kathy Daughn1992
Brett Davis2006
Keith Deaville2008
Don Dodge1989
Ed Dufurrena2015
Tom Dvorak2013
Pat Earnheart1994
Russell Elrod2022
Dennis ‘Zeke’ Entz2009
Brent Erickson2022
J. T. Fisher1989
Ed Flynn2005
Sean Flynn2009
Lee Francois2009
Bill Freeman1989
Shorty Freeman1989
David Gage2006
Dick Gaines1992
Matt Gaines2001
Beau Galyean2012
Jody Galyean1990
Wesley Galyean2012
Jim Gideon2015
Gary Gonsalves2004
Casey Green2018
Lawson Hadlock2020
Shannon Hall1999
Gerry Hansma2013
Paul Hansma1995
Winston Hansma1995
Chris Hanson2019
Phil Hanson2004
Leon Harrel1989
Rock Hedlund2006
Joe Heim1989
Faron Hightower1994
Roy Huffaker2015
Clay Johnson2015
Minor Johnson2006
Chris Johnsrud2020
Doug Jordan2000
Gavin Jordan2009
Mark Lavender2010
Jim Lee1989
Tom Long2005
Tom Lyons1989
Scott Martin2007
Tommy Marvin2006
David McGregor1999
J B McLamb2006
Glenn McWhorter2006
Matt Miller2013
Russ Miller1998
Mark Mills2010
Brad Mitchell2006
Jim Mitchell2010
John Mitchell2005
Denton Moffat2008
Bruce Morine2019
Craig Morris2004
Mike Mowery1997
Ronnie Nettles1994
Jack Newton1989
Will Nuttall2021
Steve Oehlhof2013
Kenny Patterson1994
Pat Patterson1989
James Payne2013
Bill Pierce2018
Don Pooley2010
Kory Pounds2011
Phil Rapp1996
Larry Reeder1989
Travis Rempel2022
Boyd Rice2005
Ronnie Rice1992
Sonny Rice2015
Tag Rice2003
Tarin Rice2016
Willie Richardson1997
Terry Riddle1989
Bill Riddle1994
Matlock Rose1989
Billy Ray Rosewell2015
Robert Rust2003
Matt Sargood2010
Steve Schlesinger2022
Grant Setnicka2015
L. E. Shawver2006
Geoffrey Sheehan2018
Sam Shepard2002
Austin Shepard2005
Andy Sherrerd2019
Bobby Sikes2006
Darren Simpkins2007
Greg Smith2010
Tim Smith1998
Jaime Snider2020
Corky Sokol2008
Dave Stewart2007
Gene Suiter1989
Craig Thompson2008
John Tolbert1994
Curly Tully1989
Chubby Turner2000
Roger Wagner2005
Greg Ward2015
Scott Weis1997
Buster Welch1989
Greg Welch1990
Russ Westfall2005
Bronc Willoughby2004
Sam Wilson1990
John Wold2005
Kobie Wood1993
Mike Wood2016
Guy Woods2001

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