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2025 Weekend Eligibility


2025 Weekend Rider Eligibility Calculations

In an effort to simplify and standardize the eligibility calculations for Weekend / Championship Rider class earnings limits, the Executive Committee has voted to change class eligibility determination dollars from "Eligibility Earnings" to "Lifetime Earnings" for rider classes with earnings limits.

Starting in 2025, eligibility for the $50,000 Amateur, $35,000 Non-Pro, $15,000 Amateur and $2,000 Limit Rider will be based on Lifetime Earnings. 

Lifetime Earnings, what counts... Everything!

No more trying to figure out what is / isn't included.  What you have won is what is counted.

LIFETIME EARNINGS = all monies reported to NCHA plus any monies won in cutting classes at other shows:

  1. INCLUDES - All monies won in cutting classes at non-NCHA associations / organizations
  2. INCLUDES - All monies won in classes reported to the NCHA (approved / unapproved)
  3. INCLUDES - All monies won in Senior Limited Age Event classes (previously excluded)
  4. INCLUDES - All monies won in the Eastern or Western National Championships (previously excluded)
  5. INCLUDES - All monies won during the COVID moratorium (previously excluded)
  6. INCLUDES - All monies won in Breed Registry World Show cutting earnings (previously excluded)
  7. INCLUDES - All monies won in Circuit shows in the working or non-working finals (previously excluded)

    Limited Age Event earnings calculations do not change. 

    Non-Leveled Unlimited Amateur / $50,000 Amateur - Please reference NCHA Rule Book - Standing Rule 51.a.5
    Leveled Non-Pro and Amateur Divisions - Please reference the Leveling Rules.

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