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Candidates for the 2022 Vice President Elections are as follows:

Mark Senn

Raymond Shumate



Voting for the NCHA Vice-President Election will run from April 4 through May 13, 2022. Ballots will be sent out by Simply Voting, NCHA’s third-party election administrator, by email and US Postal Service on April 4, 2022. You may vote either electronically or by paper ballot, but not both.

Completed ballots must be received by Simply Voting NO LATER THAN MAY 13, 2022. Please note that the ballots must be received, not postmarked, by the deadline. 

If you have questions, please contact Cathy Marie Aleff at




Mark Senn


I am an Amateur cutter and I have been involved with this great sport for the past 15 years. The NCHA has provided me the opportunity to not only participate but get to know and appreciate the people that continue the traditions and heritage of this western sport. The people in cutting and the cutting horse family make the organization special to all involved. I would like to see the NCHA grow the awareness of the sport and become the very best equine organization. 

 I am president and one of the owners of a successful business, Southeastern Real Estate, located in Augusta, Ga. We have been in business for over 35 years and currently have operations throughout the southeast and Texas. I am proud of our success, but more proud of the loyalty and success of our employees. I believe my leadership, financial skills and ability to create a positive work environment will help improve the NCHA. 

 Currently, I serve as chairperson for the NCHA finance committee. This committee over the past several years has put in place zero based budgeting, better transparency and accountability of our finances, and prudent investment guideline and goals for investing the organizations funds. The members of this committee have actively help the executive committee produce positive financial results. I am honored to serve as their chairperson. I also serve as a Region 5 representative, Area 18 board member, and a Atlantic Coast Cutting board member. I personally enjoy participating in weekend and aged event shows in our organization. 

 One of the specific items that I would like to accomplish as vice president would be to increase NCHA support of weekend shows. The circuit finals is a new innovative program that could be supported and promoted more to broaden participation in weekend shows. We should continue to work with affiliates to find creative ways to improve weekend events and make sure that they are fun for the participant and their families. 

 We also need to improve our national events so that we grow the purse for each show through more entries, corporate sponsors, and NCHA funding added money where possible. Corporate sponsors will invest as we increase awareness of the NCHA brand through social media and other platforms. 

 The current stewards of the NCHA which includes its executive director, staff, executive board, and all its volunteers have the organization headed in a very positive direction. We need to continue to grow the participation in cutting. I would like to give back to the National Cutting Horse Association by serving as the next Vice President.

Over the next few months, I would love to hear from you as to how to make the NCHA better. My most important task in running for this office will be to listen. Please contact me at or 706 830 5565. Thank you in advance for your ideas.




Raymond Shumate


Let me introduce myself. I am Raymond Shumate. I am a native of Bluefield, West Virginia. I served in the United States Air Force for 5 years before starting my horse training career

 in 1982. I began my training endeavor with Pat Earnheart in Hernando, Mississippi. From there I moved to south Texas to work for Sam Wilson. I also worked in Colorado, Chappell Hill, Texas for Jon White and at the Slate River Ranch in Virginia before returning to south Texas to finish my horse training career. I had the privilege of working for the same owner for 20 years. 

I began producing the Waco Texas Futurity in 2009. Prior to that I served on the board and as president of the Waller County Cutting Horse Association. I am currently on the LAE show producers committee and a past NCHA director. I am also a AAAA judge.

My training experience has varied from hauling Open horses in the top 15, showing in limited age events and hauling Amateurs, Non-Pros and Youth competitors for the top 15.

I believe that my highlight as an NCHA member is the transformation of the Waco Futurity into the success that it is today. This aged event coupled with weekend shows is a fun show environment for all involved. We strive to make it better and more user friendly each year.

My vision for the NCHA would be to have ongoing, consistent information dissemination to its members. I feel that the organization could improve on how we educate our members – from new members all the way to enlightening existing members on the varied aspects of our industry. I want to aid our members in accessing pertinent information when it comes to new rules, rule changes or clarifications. I want to share the ins and outs of producing a show with our members. I want breeders to share their expertise in this aspect of the industry. And lastly, I want exhibitors to be filled with knowledge about judging procedures. I think that if the hows and whys of our sport are elaborated on, we can all be a more cohesive unit. I would love to see a social media campaign for FAQs, little known facts, and explanation of rules.

I want to thoughtfully consider all petitions presented to me without making hasty decisions. If someone comes to me with a proposal, question, or problem, I want to delve into this with as much research as possible. Therefore, I can feel confident in my answer. 

I want to make the NCHA a premier organization with national notoriety. I would like to procure more corporate sponsors.  I would also like to see our sport presented across a wider variety of media – ideally RFD TV or the Cowboy Channel.

I would like to have a member recognition/appreciation program for longevity, contributions and accomplishments outside of the Members Hall of Fame.  There are many members that may never reach the Hall Of Fame criteria, but have left their mark nonetheless.  This is one way to encourage member retention.

Please consider me for your vote for NCHA vice president. I am passionate about this organization and the sport that we represent which maintains our western heritage.  Please feel free to contact with me by phone 936-870-8561 or email with any questions or concerns.



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