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NCHA Welcomes FullStride Cryotherapy

Mar 15, 2023, 14:53 PM by National Cutting Horse Association
NCHA is pleased to introduce FullStride Cryotherapy as our newest cold therapy sponsor.


FORT WORTH – The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) is pleased to introduce FullStride Cryotherapy as our newest cold therapy sponsor.

We at FullStride Cryotherapy are excited to offer a COMPETITIVE EDGE for your equine athletes as the newest cold therapy sponsor of the National Cutting Horse Association. Cryotherapy is the science of exposing the body to subzero temperatures in a state-of-the-art cryochamber in order to stimulate multiple physical benefits. Cryotherapy speeds up muscle recovery and reduces inflammation from ANY part of the body - IT HELPS THE WHOLE BODY!  So, experience our version of cool at all your NCHA events! 

When cryotherapy is part of your routine, you can train harder, stronger, and longer.  Reduced muscle fatigue during exercise and controlled inflammation allows for less time needed to recover, allowing you to reach your goals faster. 

Most of us are always ready to embrace innovative methods for caring for our horses. We are not intimidated by new or complex techniques so long as there is the promise that they will benefit our equine athletes. Sometimes, however, simple is good and cryotherapy is just that—a good, simple way to help keep horses sound, comfortable and healthy. 

“Cutting horses are phenomenal athletes, and NCHA’s new partnership with FullStride Cryotherapy will provide our members with increased access to help these athletes perform at their best thanks to the recovery benefits of cryotherapy," said Jay Winborn, NCHA Executive Director.  "I’m looking forward to our longstanding new partnership, and I'm looking forward to having FullStride on site at the upcoming NCHA Super Stakes.”

Follow FullStride Cryotherapy on Instagram and Facebook @FullStride_Cryotherapy for more information and upcoming show locations!

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