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NCHA Welcomes A Director of Judges

Feb 24, 2023, 09:59 AM by National Cutting Horse Association
NCHA Announces Andy Adams as the Director of Judges


FORT WORTH – The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) is pleased to share the hiring of Andy Adams of Gerber, Calif., as the NCHA Director of Judges. 

Adams has been an NCHA member for nearly 40 years and became an NCHA Judge in the early 1990s. Adams is an AAAA-rated NCHA judge with 579 credits to his name. Adams has judged from the weekend level up to the pinnacle events in the sport of cutting, providing him with a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

“The position of Director of Judges has played an important role in maintaining the reputation and success of the NCHA,” said Adams. “I am excited and honored to accept this position as I have enjoyed and respected the role as an NCHA judge and monitor for the past twenty years. I am enthusiastic about further developing our reputation for consistency and accuracy. Most importantly, I am committed to the future of the NCHA through the development of succession planning programs and systems that open doors to up-and-coming cutting horse professionals who are interested in judging. I believe by growing the pool of judges with well-informed and trained professionals, we open doors to growing the sport and encouraging new participants to enter our historical and prestigious sport. As our sport evolves, the judge’s department realizes the need to adapt for this evolution. Through communication, collaboration, and education, we strive to be the absolute best we can be.”

In addition to his experience in the arena as a judge, Adams had most recently served as the Development and Education Specialist for the Association, coordinating continuing education efforts for NCHA judges and members alike. 

“Andy has devoted his professional career solely to judging for the last 20 years, making him an outstanding fit for this role,” said Jay Winborn, NCHA executive director. “He has done a great job in his former role within the Judge’s department in his efforts to promote education to further develop NCHA’s judges. I am confident that Andy will continue advancing our program forward to become the best in the industry.”

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