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NCHA Welcomes Equinity as a Corporate Partner

Feb 1, 2023, 10:20 AM by National Cutting Horse Association
Equinity joins NCHA as the newest corporate partner of the NCHA.



The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) is pleased to announce the addition of Equinety as the newest corporate partner of the association.  

A supplement as powerful as the horses it fuels, Equinety Horse XL is 100 percent amino acids that provide the body with what it needs to help repair itself at the cellular level. The benefits of using Equinety XL include increased focus, improved muscle strength and recovery, stronger bones, and healthier coats. The sister product, Equinety Ultimate EOC, is the only product on the market that includes flaxseed-based Omega 3, natural vitamin E and colloidal silver, working hand in hand with Equinety XL to help reduce inflammation and support health at the cellular level.

“What makes Equinety Horse XL unique is that it doesn’t fit into a specific supplement category such as joint support or shiny coat, calming or recovery etc,” said John Dowdy, Equinety president. “It’s specifically designed to give the body what it needs to release its own hormones from the pituitary gland allowing the body to send its hormones to its own problem areas, customizing to the what the horse needs.

Equinety offers the Equinety Edge 30 Day Challenge with a Buy One Get One Free introductory offer, where customers can try the product for themselves to see how much their horse can change for the better in 30 days. Visit and use the discount code NCHA for free shipping! In addition to the challenge, Equinety hosts a podcast where customers can share and listen to testimonials of how horses have benefitted from these products.  

“We are thrilled to welcome this new partnership with Equinety,” said Jay Winborn, NCHA executive director. “The positive impact Equinety can have on a horse’s health across all levels and disciplines is unmatched. I think our members are going to enjoy using this product to further benefit their cutting horses.”

To learn more about Equinety and its products, including the Equinety Podcast, visit

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