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President's Letter

Jun 8, 2021, 20:00 PM by National Cutting Horse Association
A welcome letter from incoming NCHA President Ora Diehl
Hello NCHA member, 

As WE embark on a journey together, WE are excited to say, WELCOME TO ‘OUR’ NCHA FAMILY. 

As I reflect back, our journey takes me back aboard our mother ship.   Many of us know that our prior years have weathered rough and calm waters.  During these past 75 years, our mother ship has taken rough seas as well as calm relaxing rides. We all took assurance in that, lifejackets, paddles, compass, sunscreen and water, all the necessary items to survive were on board. 

However, during the past years, at times WE, all noted missing items such as map and directions from a captain, first mate and seamen to row our boat to calmer waters.  

Today I am blessed and honored to be on board our Mother Ship. Regardless of choppy or calm seas ahead of us, WE, our captain and crew are here to navigate her to her future.
Proving demands the facts.   
Trusting requires us all to believe.   
Believing requires time to prove. 
Today as I write to each and every one of our NCHA family, my wish is to share with you my goals for this upcoming year 2021-2022.                                       
  • Improve our Communication 
  • Sharpen our Listening and Hearing Skills 
  • Exceed at Setting Goals 
  • Maintain Keeping a Balance 
  • Greater at Motivating
  • Determined at Decisiveness 
Listening carefully and hearing the words rather than nodding your head and putting together your comeback on a topic at hand is not a common practice, however, Complete listening takes discipline and is much more difficult sometimes more than finding the solution to the issue at hand.

Aligning different regions, areas, headquarters, and personalities requires extra efforts and beyond the call of duty at times.  Unifying and establishing clear pathways to guarantee success help you succeed at the small tasks that give you confidence to adapt. Adaptability is key to change and helps US evolve which allows new and better roads to be traveled. 
Seventy-Five 75 Years ago, Our forefathers established a group of individuals that belong to a family of very unique genes.  WE, crave the grace, beauty, poise, determination, elegance, strength, power and sheer will of THE CUTTING HORSE.  Gifted by God’s magnificent animal, THE HORSE, Bred by God’s men and women to control a cow that once you have the privilege to sit astride and become a partner with a CUTTING HORSE, you will understand the addiction to this feeling.  Our legacy, tradition and our family of CUTTING HORSE, owners, trainers and breeders are as unique today as when our sport was a way of life for ranchers to gather and doctor their cattle.  A CUTTING HORSE/COWHORSE is a necessity both for our livelihoods but mostly our souls. 
Excellence is dedication to a job that’s hard to do, 
Going the extra mile and always trying to follow through
Excellence is communication, sharing everything you know, 
And learning how to listen so your expertise will grow. 
Excellence is appreciation of the talent that you see, 
Acknowledging a job well done inspires success and loyalty.
Excellence is aspiration with a higher goal in mind, 
To trust in God and reach for things of a more rewarding kind. 
Jim Wolf

Bottom line, WE are ALL Leaders.  We are ALL leading something or someone somewhere. Join in and make Our Journey the BEST!




Ora Diehl


National Cutting Horse Association


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