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May 10, 2021, 17:00 PM by NCHA Director of Judges, Pete Fanning
Understanding Official NCHA Video versus Exhibitor Video

Understanding Official NCHA Video versus Exhibitor Video

Dear NCHA Membership,

It has been brought to the Judges Department’s attention some confusion between the “Official NCHA Video” used by the Monitors, versus the “Exhibitor Video” that exhibitors receive after their run at Triple Crown Events.  Here are some examples to clarify the difference between the two:

Official NCHA Video:

This video is used only by the Judges Department at all Triple Crown Events. There is very specific equipment required for the Judge Monitors to effectively rule penalties. For example: 

  1. The equipment that the Monitors use must have the technology and the capability of slow motion, fast forward and reverse at any degree of speed to review the run more efficiently. 
  2. The timeclock seen throughout the 2 ½ minute run can be stopped at the exact time of the sound of the buzzer.  
  3. The “Overhead Feature” allows the Monitor to see all different angles and speeds, which is very important to make rulings. For instance:
  • Picking up cattle
  • Parallel Hot Quits
  • Excessive help
  • Deep cut
  • Failure to separate

Exhibitor’s Video:

This video is also very beneficial but geared more toward the membership to see the run and help improve their showmanship.  It is a great tool to be used but does not have the capability needed to make rulings in the Judging Department.  

I hope that explains the difference between the two videos more clearly and if you have any questions on this matter, please contact me at the NCHA Office.  


Pete Fanning

NCHA Director of Judges

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